Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About This Blog...

Funeral Planners Inc is a consumer advocacy service.

The purpose of this blog is to inform people of their rights and to save people money related to the purchase of funeral goods and services.

We are dedicated to operating with the highest degree of integrity while advocating for our clients.

Our sole focus is helping our clients become informed consumers while planning for a funeral, memorial service, or related events, including the associated expenses.

We do not offer funeral, burial, cremation, or memorial goods or services ourselves, and we are not affiliated with any funeral industry service providers. Furthermore, we do not accept commissions of any kind, or otherwise profit in any way, from funeral or insurance industry service providers.

Our philosophy centers on one core principle... An informed consumer is a prepared consumer.

We advocate pre-planning, not pre-paying. Pre-planning allows our clients to make their wishes known, and feel confident knowing that they have taken the necessary steps to lessen the burden felt by their families and loved ones during that time of overwhelming grief and disarray.

The cost of a funeral may be one of the largest expenditures a family will ever make. The plan that we will create together will empower our clients to make informed and educated decisions, while of sound mind, in a cost controlled environment.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. Lee Eakin, San Jose, CA.